Well Wesearched, Woys Weaver

Lemon Drop harvest from 4 plants.  Two quarts plus plenty left to ripen.   My hat’s off to William Woys Weaver, the food historian and heirloom gardener  (http://williamwoysweaver.com/biography/) whose 2006 Mother Earth News article on Lemon Drop peppers (http://www.motherearthnews.com/organic-gardening/aji-limo-zmaz06fmzwar.aspx?PageId=2) has answered questions I explicitly or implicitly posed in my last post  (http://www.urban-ag-solutions.com/while-other-peppers-flop-this-one-still-drops/). And please give […]

While Other Peppers Flop, This One Still Drops!

Backlit Lemon Drop chiles on a summery October afternoon. This summer was a wonderful season for hot peppers. I would even hazard to say exceptional and rare, except that I fear that the heat we suffered will become more and more the norm. Still if that is the case, despite the hardships such shifts may […]