Wow, when I wrote my last post about Hakurei turnips http://www.urban-ag-solutions.com/look-whats-turned-up-in-the-garden/, I threw down a challenge to all comers: impress me and do better than Hakurei.  I had even put something new in the soil, a turnip variety I had never heard about before, just to see what it had alongside the master.  Well the data’s not in for root taste, but it blazed out of the gate and turned out some beautiful, 6-inch-tall greens in just 21 days….that’s seven days earlier than the seed envelope’s boast: “greens can also be used for cooking just 28 days after planting.”  Here’s another surprise: forget the cooking.  These greens are among the best I’ve ever eaten raw.  Chef Leather Storrs and I tried them simultaneously, and we both agreed that these things could walk right into the restaurant’s roof salad right along with the tenderest and tastiest of lettuce.  Yum, yum.  We are cutting the planting completely for greens, then we will let it re-grow and form roots.  The jury’s still out on whether the roots will measure up, but whether they do or not, I’m a believer that the greens are more than just right; they are nothing short of amazing!
Once again, the seed source: http://www.territorialseed.com/product/Just_Right_Turnip_Seed/turnip_and_rutabaga_seed




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