Rooftops are unique urban spaces that have amazing garden potential.  That said, they are also building components with their own opportunities and limitations.

If you are considering a rooftop garden I can help you EVALUATE the state of your roof and its load potential, DESIGN a garden to fit, and INSTALL it.  Together we can craft a PLAN for the roof garden based on your food needs, and I can make regular visits to MAINTAIN the garden at its highest potential and COACH you to do the same.  Rooftops take vegetable gardening to a whole new level!



If you need a seminar, class, lecture, panel member, presentation, or hands-on demonstration on some aspect of vegetable gardening, I can do it.  If you need help designing garden-based curriculum or even a demo garden or other educational outdoor feature, I can help.   I have over 20 years’ experience as a vegetable grower and nearly as much as a garden educator, plus a masters in sustainability education at Portland State University.  I do Power Point presentations in khakis and a sweater or hands-on workshops in Carhartts and rubber boots and everything in between.



My garden design philosophy is simple.  I LISTEN carefully to your desires for the garden.  I PROMPT your creativity with ideas and suggestions from my experience and research, and I  INTEGRATE elements of your garden, landscape, and house to create productive, beautiful, sustainable gardens.  I also team with some exceptional landscape architects, natural builders, and artists to create gardens that uniquely represent your wishes and dreams.



We all need to eat.  There’s nothing better than garden-grown food.  Each day has 24 hours, perhaps 8 of which are spent sleeping.

Those three facts create tension for many people who want to have a garden in their life but just don’t have much time to devote to it.  If you are a homeowner or an apartment dweller, I can help you garden better and easier along the continuum of “you-do-it-with –a –little-input-from -me” to “I-do-it-for-you-with-input-from-you (and you get to eat it, of course).”

Chefs are privileged and sought-after customers because they elevate the products of the garden to high art.  I want you chefs to think of an on-site garden as an invaluable tool that allows you to attain your culinary visions….as indispensable as your set of knives.  I have worked with chefs for 10 years and understand how to create a garden that meets your needs.