Necessity Mothers Yet Another


My hat’s off to the chefs at Noble Rot, especially this time to sous chef Joseph Hickey, whose creativity extended far beyond the kitchen when he came up with this brilliant and bold use of the hand railing in the emergency stairwell. 
The urban agriculturist has to be constantly on his or her game, whether that be in or out of the raised bed.  For example, where our country cousins might exult in a spacious barn or other outbuilding to dry their garlic, we city farmers and gardeners have to look around and imagine non-traditional garlic-drying possibilities.  Fortunately the city and its buildings are full of underutilized spaces (rooftops being a prime example!), and so the urban gardener goes about his or her business with a creative eye cocked toward urbanity’s waste.  And when chefs start thinking like gardeners and farmers, as they do at Noble Rot,  handrails turn into garlic racks, or, risking horrible moans and groans from the culinary readership, Escoffier meets escalier!

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