In Tents Basil….Plus a Comment Shout Out


Just look at this beautiful basil. Those little pom-poms of Spicy Bush are just so darn cute I want to rub the tops of them every time I see them, just like I can’t resist rubbing the head of a kid who just got his summer buzz cut.  In past years we’ve had a rough time with basil on the rooftop.  This year, it’s quite the opposite.  And the only difference between then and now is the tent.  See that white, translucent rooftop?  That’s Reemay, the ultra-thin, spun-polyester fabric sometimes also called floating row cover.  It’s suspended over some remesh or concrete reinforcing wire panels (past readers know my position on this stuff….LOVE IT!) but open at either end.  So the benefits can be only three: 1) some protection from the blazing sun – Reemay diminishes light transmittance by a percentage depending on its thickness; 2) some protection from the wind – not an inconsiderable factor on a rooftop, where the wind is almost always a presence; and 3) some slight increase in nighttime temperatures – again of possible value given our summer nights’ tendencies to dip into the high 50s.  I’m sorry I can’t say exactly which of the three is the most significant.  Maybe it’s an emergent synthesis of the three, but whatever the case it’s creating good juju for all our basil varieties:  Genovese – check; Lemon – impressive; Thai – looking good; Spicy Bush – see for yourself above.  So for intense basil, at least in the Pacific NW, get it in tents.

Now the second part of the post.

Here I am wondering…what the heck’s up with the comment feature of Blogger?  Back in January I resolved to revive an very occasional blog I started a few years ago and make regular postings. Now before 2013, when I had, say, five total blog posts, two or three of them had received comments.  Since January of this year, when I have posted nearly 50 times, I have yet to receive a comment, save for one I fabricated from my daughter’s computer.  That seems weird to me.  I mean, call me an egomaniac or something, but I feel as though at least something that I say must create at least a faint stirring of response in the minds of my readers and that maybe, even a small percentage of the time, one might be moved to type at least a few keys in response, even if it’s just accidental nervous fidgeting.  So help me feel more grounded, less anxious, and more sane.  Type me something in response to this post and let me know Blogger’s not messin’ with me.  If it all comes back silence, then I’m going to the Man and demanding to know what’s up.  Thanks, readers.  Oh, and by the way, I am impressed that readers from so many foreign countries find something of interest here.  Even if you can’t write in English well, send me some comment, too.

6 thoughts on “In Tents Basil….Plus a Comment Shout Out

  1. I think most people feel inadequate to write about gardening, especially with such a master gardener!!

    Really, this is pretty cool blog. FYI I have cucumbers galore right now and two gorgeous 2-3 ft. high zinnia bushes in my yard.

  2. OK, everyone, thanks for helping me out by writing back. Now I know the comment feature works, and I also found out that it’s a bit obscure. Maybe a shift of format will establish more dialogue, which is something I am hoping for more with the blog. I’ll see what I can do on this end.

  3. We’re lurking and learning, Marc. Glad to see you’re still exercising your green thumb. I think fondly of our days together at UBF.

  4. You are not alone! 🙂 I’m really enjoying your blog and trying to incorporate some of your ideas into my little 4×8 raised bed. Thank you!

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