Grinch Compost Gets The Boot


If you read only one sentence of this post, read that my Grinch compost experiment got put outside because it failed to keep its off-gassing to itself.  OK, read the next sentence, too.  Should you have initiated such an indoor trial, I suggest you relocate yours as well.

A curious odor, perhaps not up to the high anaerobic standards of putrescine or cadaverine, but still quite a negative nasal stimulant nonetheless, began to make itself known on or about day three of my trial, so true to my pre-emptive stink plan, all containers got whisked outside, where they will remain fragrancing things until all alchemical transformations are complete. Family members didn’t even get the chance to complain…phew!

One of my friends asked a very intriguing question about this whole anaerobic experiment: what about botulism?  While I initially brushed off the question as more a matter of bad canned food than compost….I mean, you’re not planning on eating your anaerobic compost, are you?…it did begin to gnaw at me a bit. Anytime anyone even suggests that one may be multiplying a potentially lethal substance, it’s worth a little looking into, right?  I’m in the process of doing research now, and while I haven’t encountered anything that would put me off the anaerobic compost process, I will have a few words to the wise in my next post.

This post, however, has one, and only one objective: get your anaerobic compost outside!